Progress for Providers - checking your progress in delivering personalised services. (Senior Managers)

is the first, high level one, for senior managers

Progress for Providers

Checking your progress in delivering personalised services


This simple self assessment tool has been developed by providers and commissioners to help providers think about their progress in responding to the personalisation agenda. The tool particularly focuses on delivering personalised, individually costed services and individual service funds.

Progress for Providers has been developed for providers supporting anyone who uses adult social care. This includes organisations that provide advice and guidance or equipment services. It was developed by providers of varying sizes with a user led organisation.

The self assessment tool is simple to use. It is divided into eight sections and each section represents a key area of change and development for providers as they deliver increasingly personalised services. The areas identified were developed by working with providers who have already made significant progress, and by asking them what they had needed to change. We also worked from a commissioner perspective so that this tool reflects what innovative providers are doing, and what forward thinking commissioners would expect.