Progress for Providers - checking your progress in delivering personalised support for people living with dementia (Care homes)

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Progress for Providers

Checking your progress in delivering personalised support for people living with dementia


This publication is primarily for managers of care homes supporting people with any type of dementia, at any stage. It may also interest families of people with dementia who may be looking for a care home and wish to know how to assess the homes they are visiting.

This publication is a self-assessment tool for managers to use with their staff to check how they are doing in delivering personalised support for people with dementia. ‘Personalised support’ is a key aim of national policy and means tailoring support to the individual, and enabling them to have as much choice and control over their service and life as possible, rather than supporting everyone in the same way.

The tool was developed by providers, commissioners and academics who have experience in personalisation and people with dementia, working in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society. The group looked at and built on the pioneering work of:

• Tom Kitwood, University of Bradford Dementia Group.
• Dawn Brooker and David Sheard on person-centred care.
• Mike Nolan on relationship-centred care.
• Ruth Bartlett and Deborah O’Connor’s work on dementia and social citizenship.

The group consulted with a wide group of providers, commissioners, practitioners and families during the drafting process. The Alzheimer’s Society is extending this consultation and working with people with dementia and their families.